About Us

ColourDiam Limited is an internationally recognized specialist and online retailer of high-end Fancy Colour diamonds since 1994. Today, Colourdiam Limited is a leading supplier to renowned jewellers, designers, and manufacturers throughout the world. It is among the largest online selections of colour diamonds with both fancy and ideal cuts in various hues like pink, blue, green & yellow diamonds, clarities and sizes set for any budget, with a focus on Argyle Pink Diamonds. Its stones are mined in Australia, Africa, India, Canada and Russia. All diamonds come certified with a GIA or an argyle certificate. In fact, in 2015, the company celebrated the milestone of 10,000 online monthly visits all while maintaining a fantastic 64% returning customer rate. We also provide worldwide shipping absolutely free. With associate offices in India and Japan, the supply chain links our diamonds from mine to retailer, in all corners of the world

ColourDiam also provides live access to the inventory of GIA Diamonds on our live website and mobile app on the go!

We have just launched an Android & IOS app, will help you to purchase GIA certified diamonds with ease & on the go.

Features include:

·         Multiple diamond comparison,

·         Quick search,

·         Watchlist with notifications,

·         Multiple certificate, photo and video viewing and sharing options,

·         Enquiries about one or multiple diamonds,

·         Placing orders and receive confirmations,

·         Account dashboard,

·         Online Auctions,…and many more amazing features to save your time, get the right information at your fingertips, and increase your business with us.

We keep updating the app, time and again for best customer experience and to make it more user-friendly.