Understanding The 4C'S

Understanding The 4C'S

There are four key factors that influence value, each with additional layers of complexity, and all with combinations unique to a single diamond. It is all of these complexities which must be reviewed together to form the grading process known as the 4Cs.


Cut refers to the quality of a diamond’s light performance. Cut is the only element of the 4Cs that is not determined by nature, but rather, the skill of the diamond cutter/polisher when transforming a diamond from its rough state to its polished state.


Carat is the unit of measure used to describe diamond weight.



Colour specifies the amount of colour a diamond exhibits, ranging from ‘colourless’ to ‘vivid’. The majority of diamond's are yellow or brown in appearance, but in rare cases, are also found to exhibit other colours.



Clarity is the assessment of a diamond's internal features if any, also known as ‘inclusions'.